Day 1: Thursday 30 June

9.00–9.30           Registration and coffee

9.30–9.45            Introduction

9.45–11.30           Transnational Actors: Veterans, Activists and Parliamentarians

Chair: Jessica Reinisch (Birkbeck)

Eoghan Moran (Queen Mary University of London), A Dialogue Across Borders: Prieto’s Paris Exile and the Origins of the Popular Front

Ángel Alcalde (Leibniz Institut, Mainz), War Veterans’ Transnational Networks and the Spanish Civil War

Ke Ren (Bates College), From Guernica to Chongqing: The World Conference for Action on the Bombardment of Open Towns and the Restoration of Peace and Transnational Mobilisation between Spain and China

Jonathan Sherry (University of Pittsburgh/Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Transnational Mobilisation and Republican Justice: Solidarity Campaigns on Behalf of Imprisoned Anti-fascists during the Spanish Civil War

11.30–12.00        Coffee break

12.00–1.45          Help the Spaniards, Save the Children

Chair: Dolorés Martin Moruno (Université de Genève)

Magdalena Garrido Caballero (Universidad de Murcia), The Friends of the Soviet Union’s Aid to War Children

Célia Keren (Sciences Po Toulouse), The Evacuation of Spanish Children to France: The Theory and Practice of a Cross-Border Partnership

Kerrie Holloway (Queen Mary University of London), The International Commission for the Assistance of Child Refugees from Spain and the Dawn of Modern Humanitarianism

Sebastián Farré (Université de Genève), Help the Spaniards! Financing and Organising a Humanitarian Operation during the Spanish Civil War 

1.45–2.45             Lunch

2.45–4.30            Transnational Medical Interventions

Chair: Sebastián Farré (Université de Genève)

Àlvar Martínez Vidal, (Universitat de València) and Xavier García Ferrandis (Universidad Católica de Valencia), Spanish Medical Refugees in French Internment Camps: Health Care, Clinical Supervision and Scientific Research (1939–1942)

Seb Browne (University of Kent), Across the Pyrenees: Medical Care of the Defeated in French and Spanish Concentration Camps and Prisons following the Spanish Civil War

Alfons Zarzoso (Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya), War and Surgery between Catalonia and England: Political Exile and Medical Training of Pere Gabarró (1936–1947)

Stephanie Wright (University of Sheffield), Franco, Foreigners and Disability in the post-Civil War Era

4.30–5.30             Break

5.30–6.30             Public Lecture, Helen Graham (Royal Holloway)

Introduced by Paul Preston (Cañada Blanch Centre, LSE)

Transnational lives: Spain and Europe’s wars of social change

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6.30–7.30            Wine Reception


Day 2: Friday 1 July

9.00–9.30           Coffee

9.30­–11.00          Propaganda and the Spanish Civil War as a Transnational Conflict

Chair: Carl-Henrik Bjerstrom (Birkbeck)

Elizabeth Bolorinos Allard (Oxford University), Ideal masculinity, martial identity, and the Moroccan Regular in the propaganda of the Insurgents

Rocio Velasco de Castro (Universidad de Extremadura), The Power of Propaganda in the Spanish Civil War: the Instrumentalization of Moroccan Troops

Mercedes Peñalba Sotorrio (University College Dublin), The Spanish Civil War as an Instrument of anti-Bolshevik Cultural Mobilization 

11.00­–11.15         Comfort break

11.15–1.00           International Volunteers and their Reception in Spain

Chair: Mary Vincent (Sheffield)

Lourdes Prades-Artigas and Lidia Martinez-Altarriba (Universitat de Barcelona), SIDBRINT: A Digital System on the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War

Fraser Raeburn (University of Edinburgh), Demobilisation and Remobilisation: British International Brigade Volunteers and Narratives of Victimhood during the Second World War.

Richard Baxell (Independent Scholar), Britons in Spain? The Saklatvala Battalion of the XV International Brigade

Virginia López de Maturana and Guillermo Marín (Universidad del País Vasco), Outsiders in the Square. German Nazis and Italian Fascists in a Quiet Town and a Country at War (Vitoria, Spain, 1936–1938)

1.00–2.00             Lunch

2.00–3.30             Military Intervention: Global Perspectives

Chair: David Brydan (Birkbeck)

Robert Upton (University of Leeds), Hindu Nationalists’ Calls to Fight for Franco in Spain

Sana Tannoury-Karam (Northeastern University), Defending Arab Freedom in Madrid: Arab Communists in the Spanish Civil War

Raanan Rein (Tel Aviv University), Fighting for Social Justice on Both Sides of the Mediterranean: Jewish Volunteers from Palestine in the Spanish Civil War

3.30–4.00            Coffee Break

4.00–5.30            Transnational Identities and Life Narratives

Chair: Francesca Piana (Birkbeck)

Gina Herrmann (University of Oregon), Spanish and Catalan Women at Ravensbruck

Lisa Pelizzon (Ca’ Foscari University), The Gaze and the Border in Kati Horna’s photographs

Anna Hajkova (University of Warwick), Oranges, Donkeys, Communism: The Transnational Legacies of the Czechoslovak Interbrigadistas

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